Updated: November 28, 2022

Oneness Drops 2 Part Liquid Solution 1:1 Set Citric Acid 50% Sodium Solution (4oz)

  • 4oz Kit | 1:1 Set, 1x 2 oz Citric Acid 50%, 1x 2 oz Sodium Solution NaClO2
  • Water purification and disinfection set consists of two components which are accorded to the guidelines of the drinking water regulations and compliant with the standards of the food industry.
  • 1. Mix 2 drops of bottle (A), bottle (B) in a shot glass. Swirl around for 30 seconds.
  • Camping, Hiking, Outdoors, Emergencies, Treats questionable water – purification de l'eau
  • Component A: 25% Sodium solution Component B: Activator, Citric Acid 50% – dioxyde de chlore