Dead Doctors

Master List of Dead Canadian Doctors

Way back at the beginning of this rogue virus attack upon humanity, I saw it for what it was. Nothing I said reached anyone at all. Was it just me? I took medical training in University with plans to become a doctor. But one day I was instroduced to the Canadian Medical Compendium. That day changed my life forever.

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Fauci Demon

Navigating the End of Fauci

Dr. Fauci finally announces his resignation coming this December. Is this action to avoid accountability, or the sign that his mission has been accomplished?

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Climate Change

Climate Change – Give your Head a Shake!

Every day progressives bombard us with their lies and sillyness about climate change. Originally it was Global warming, but the court system in the UK tossed Al Gore out beccause his plan was a lie. But progressives NEED you to be in fear of something. Anything! Your fear gives them power. Today, however, people have woken up. Thanks to their over the top hoax with the man-made virus and ensuing plandemic, they overplayed their hand.

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Francis Christian

Exposing Dangerous Ideologies While Sharing Real Hope and Change

Dr. Francis Christian has been systematically harassed, bullied, stalked, and deplatformed for doing the job that we expect out doctors to do. The deep state tore a hissy fit over the fact that the Dr. Christian prescribed Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid. For their crimes, the government, and Justin Trudeau are going to be pursued to the grave on this. We consider these attacks to be among the most egregious violations of the public domain.

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