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Sarracenia Purpurea
Sarracenia Purpurea

About Sarracenia Purpurea:

Sarracenia purpurea, commonly known as the purple pitcher plant, northern pitcher plant, turtle socks, or side-saddle flower, is a perennial carnivorous plant in the family Sarraceniaceae. Sarracenia purpurea attract and trap insects within their pitchers, or fused leaves, to consume nitrogen during the digestion process . It is widely distributed across North America and has been used as a traditional medicinal herb in many aboriginal communities .

It was used as an injectable pain reliever and during the 19th century, *Sarracenia purpurea* was used as a treatment of smallpox . Compounds extracted from *Sarracenia purpurea* include phenolic glycosides, flavonoid glycosides, and iridoids. *In vitro*, there is evidence of glycosides potentiating glucose uptake with potential antidiabetic properties . Cytoprotection in an in vitro model of diabetic neuropathy has also been studied. However, the use of Sarracenia Purpura extracts in the clinical setting are limited.



Sarracenia Purpurea Doctor Recommendation:

Dr. K. S. Gopi says Sarracenia Purpurea is a specific remedy for small pox – a viral infection. He recommends in 3x potency. He further adds that this medicine aborts the disease.

Dr. Aadil Chimthanawala adds that Sarracenia purpurea not only aborts small pox but also arrests Pustulation (small bumps on the skin that contain fluid or pus), treats mild fever with body pain, backache and vomiting Homeopathy Complimentary remedies for smallpox treatment are Millefolium, Variolinum.

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