Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh Solar Generator: 2000 Watt Portable Power Station


Maxoak Bluetti 1700WH Solar Generator: 2000 Watt Portable Power Station


Maxoak is all set to add a new variant to its much-touted Bluetti line of solar power stations. Following the much reviewed Bluetti 1500Wh solar generator, Maxoak has unveiled a fresh product on Indiegogo. It is Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh solar generator, which is actually a mid-size 1700Wh power station.

Different from Bluetti 1500Wh, the new model boasts of many impressive features, including, but not limited to, a big inverter and an increased battery capacity. Clearly, the new Bluetti incorporates a 2000-watt max inverter that interestingly sports six AC outlets. The battery is a reliable 1700Wh auto-grade unit.

Design-wise, the new model – codenamed AC200 – has a squarish profile different from its two early models – Bluetti EB150 and EB240. Anyway, with decent output and a power inverter, the device is an ideal choice for RV, camper, and trailer dwellers. It can smoothly operate AC appliances up to 2000 watts.

Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh Solar Generator

Specs-wise, Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh is indeed a big power station with a powerful battery pack and inverter. The included battery is made up of LG’s famous automobile-grade level 3C high-rate pouch cells. Of course, the same quality battery cells are there in some of the brand’s popular earlier models.

Anyway, the new Bluetti model features an output of 1700Wh with a 459,459mAh battery pack, which can offer you 25000 charging cycles. The machine further highlights a built-in battery management system (BMS) to help safeguard the cells from overvoltage, heat, and other voltage variation issues.

Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh solar generator has amazing solar charging speeds as it supports PV input of up to 150V. Inside, it equips a high-efficiency MPPT solar charge controller that can support solar panels up to 700 watts. It is incredible that you can recharge it from both AC and solar sources, at the same time.

When it comes to the AC charging, the power station comes with an adapter of 58.2V/500W. That can certainly help charge the machine in a few hours from a wall socket. Besides solar and AC, you can recharge it from three more other options like a carport, lead-acid battery, and a gas generator.


The power station is unparalleled with its number of charging outlets. It can supply power up to 17 devices at a time. Apart from the six AC outlets, it has a variety of options, including two 15W wireless charging options.

In addition, there are five USB ports – one USB-C PD @ 60W, four USB-A 5V/3A ports. The DC sockets include two 12V barrel DC ports of 3A and 10A each, an RV port of 25A, and a 12V cigarette lighter charger. Interestingly, all the charging outlets, including the AC sockets, are secured with rubber caps to protect from dust and splashes.

Moreover, the device highlights a touchable LCD panel to update you with all the system data in real-time. It is a brilliant display that you can use to control the overall device and access a lot of impressive information. Design-wise, the Maxoak has a weight of 57.33 lbs, and it measures at 16.54 x 11.03 x 15.2 inches.


  • 2000W Solar Generator with Six Three-Pronged AC Outlets.
  • 1700Wh LG Auto-Grade Lithium Battery Pouch Cells. 
  • Faster Solar Charging Speeds with an Input of 35-150V.
  • Maximum Solar Panel Capacity of Up to 700 Watts at 12V. 
  • Multiple DC Outlets, Including Cigarette Charger and RV Plug. 
  • Five USB Ports with Four USB-A and a USB PD 60W Outlets. 
  • A Pair of 15-Watt Wireless Phone Chargers.
  • Pretty Large Touchable Display with Advanced Features.
  • Ideal for RVers and Campers, Thanks to an RV Socket. 
  • Stylish and Compact Design with a Weight of 57Lbs.
  • 120W High-Efficiency Folding Solar Panel Included. 

Important Facts and Detailed Features

2000-Watt Inverter with Six AC Sockets

The unique selling point of the Maxoak Bluetti is certainly its high-power AC inverter. It can supply electricity for your AC appliances up to 2000 watts effortlessly. That means you get a great power station to back up most of your essential AC appliances indoors and outdoors.

In case of an emergency or blackout, the Maxoak can, thus, be a fortune for you. It can perfectly replace your traditional gas generator. Added with the solar compatibility, it is a 100% eco-friendly back-up system, as well.

Thanks to its 2000W inverter, Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh joins the fray of a handful of models with high-capacity inverters. On its way, it outclasses Goal Zero’s much-touted Yeti 3000 Lithium, which packs up a 1500W inverter. It also highlights six three-pronged US standard AC sockets.

High-Capacity Battery Pack

As you know, the Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh solar generator incorporates a high-capacity battery pack. Made with LG’s famous electric-vehicle battery cells, the 459,459mAh battery can store to support your different off-grid, emergency, or survival power needs.

Highly Efficient MPPT Charging Technology

It is another exceptional feature of the Maxoak power station. Similar to its other popular products, the new model also highlights an advanced MPPT charging technology. It is also the thing that makes the Maxoak stand out Goal Zero’s Yeti power stations, which integrate sluggish PWM controllers.

Fine, with its included MPPT charger, you can almost completely charge a Bluetti in around four hours under a bright sun. By the way, as said above, the controller supports a solar output of up to 700W. So, you can obtain a decent inflow of solar power to the device once there is good sunshine.

Multiple Charging Outlets

Including six full-size AC sockets, you have the new Maxoak Bluetti with as many as seventeen charging outlets. Yes, you can use it to power up seventeen devices at the same time. Of course, regarding the charging ports, the Maxoak wins over nearly all the rivaling products out there, including Titan solar generator.

Touchable LCD Display

Finally, it has got a touchable display. It is indeed another appealing feature of the Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh solar generator. It shows off an intelligent operation and an adjustable voltage of 110V-240V. The LCD screen brings to you all the updates and system information.

Highly Safe Solar Power Station

Maxoak has designed the new power station with all the advanced safety features. Starting from the high-quality EV-grade 3C LG battery pack to a heat dissipation technology, it is a very safe solar power station. Moreover, it integrates the Battery Management System (BMS) as yet another safety feature.

As per Maxoak, a single unit of the power station comes out of the factory after more than 1000 of inspection processes. The whole device undergoes a variety of tests, including packaging drop, vibrations, accessory wire bending, cold and hot shock, high temperature, and more.

Special for Van Dwellers

Of course, the new Maxoak AC200 power station is a special off-grid power solution for the campers and RVers. You have it equipped with a high-power 12V/25A RV plug at 25 amps. Well, it helps you operate all your vehicle-powered electronics and appliances at high power.

120W Folding Solar Charger

Well, you don’t need to look for a third-party vendor for a solar charger for the Maxoak power station. The brand itself offers a highly efficient mono solar charger of 120 watts called, Maxoak SP-120. Made of SunPower’s high-efficiency solar cells, it can deliver a conversion rate of up to 23%.

The solar charger highlights the advanced ETFE technology so that it is a highly durable and long-lasting choice. Its maker offers a life of up to 15 years. The charger weighs just 6.7 lbs, and you have it equipped with a rubber handle for easy moving and four kickstands for ideal placing.

Final Thoughts

The Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh solar generator is indeed an incredible solar power station with lots of cool features. With a powerful inverter and high-capacity battery, it can be your ideal companion for outdoor and emergency life. Maxoak is already known for the build quality of its former products. The new one will be yet another attraction.

Moreover, thanks to its high-capacity auto-grade battery pack, it can even power your Tesla or electric scooters. Overall, you get a brilliant solar power station. Once bundled with a powerful solar panel array, you get a large portable solar generator. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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