Free Energy – How Long Have They Been Screwing Us? Updated for 2022

Updated: November 30, 2022

My best friend and I have been testing alternative energy sources for many years. Earlier today, another friend sent me this link to a video made by a fellow named NC Hands. He lives on the island of PAG in Croatia. The beginning of the video is a bit slow, but by the 45 minute mark, you will be hooked. It is very clear we've been screwed for many decades.

If you study any of the work of Tesla, then I'm only preaching to the choir here. George Westinghouse, JP Morgan and the rest of them royally screwed Tesla as well. They only wanted a commodity that they could meter and sell. The idea of FREE ENERGY was blasphemy to these idiots.

How would you like to NEVER have to charge your cell phone again? How would you like to be able to power your car with an energy panel the size of a bread board? How about powering your home with a panel the size of two legal sheets of paper? Doable! It can produce 21 KW of power! This is half the neighborhood.

I knew there had to be something to this story when I had so much trouble tracking this guy down. This technology has the potential to end big oil. It will end the sickness business (medical industry). It will end many illnesses. It will change the way we live from here forward.

As we work to destroy the Deep State, Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, and other criminals, watch them panic with this technology now back on the radar.

Watch them attack this post with everything they have. But Suck it Up – Techno-peasants! The block chain lives!

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