Ecoflow Delta 1300 – A Portable Power Station that can Power Everything!

EcoFlo Delta 1300 Portable Power Station

EcoFlow Delta 1300 - A Portable Power Station that can Power Everything!

EcoFlo Delta 1300 Portable Power Station
EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station

This is called the EcoFlow Delta 1300. This is basically a massive power bank with the 1800 watt output, a power bank that can basically power your fridge for over 10 hours and, of course, can power a bunch of other things. Price wise, this is fairly expensive. I mean you're looking at about $1400 to buy this, but when you look at other power stations online for what this has to offer, I think the price is pretty decent.

Not everyone needs such a power station. But if you use this if you're camping you'd use this, if there is a power outage  at your place, you'd use this if you're using tools outdoors and you don't have access for power, plug and so on, and through this I'm also going to show you a bunch of tools, I've tried and a  bunch of things to see what works with it and what doesn't work!

Because when you read the specifications online, you don't always get a clear image of what works with what alright. So taking a quick look at the power station itself well, first of all, it is fairly heavy it's about thirty pounds, and it is mostly made out of plastic well, except for the bottom of the bottom.

We have on some rubber legs, so ever you place it down on something it's, basically, not gonna get them scratched. We also have four fans, and whenever this is under heavy load, those fans will start going and they can get somewhat loud, depending where you are, of course – and this is just an example, so you can see how loud those fans get.

So, as you've heard, it does get a bit loud and if you have this in a tent, for example, they're, probably going to  hear those fans some pretty good.

What is going back to the power station on one side? We have the power button and then we also have a little screen that will show you how much charge you have left what's the input and output and of course we have the DC output. So we have a bunch of USB ports on this side now.

I'm also going to show you what we can plug in those some USB ports, but I just  want to show you a quick overview of the unit itself.

Moving to the other side that we have on the AC output, so basically outlets that you'd have like in your house, so you can plug in anything that you plug in and normally in your house.

You can even power on your TV if that's what you need and, of course we also have a cigarette lighters. So a bunch of things that you can carry in like a car so, for example, a mini fridge or something like that that you could power on from that cigarette port cigarette lighter port, alright. So, on the other side, so on the back, basically, we have the charging ports, so you can attach this to a regular 110 volt outlet that you have in your house.

You can also charge this in your car from that 12 volt on cigarette lighter, and you can also charge this from a solar panel.

Unfortunately, I don't have a solar panel for it, so I can't really tell you how that works and I drive an electric car. So it's definitely not going to charge this from the cigarette lighter I'm in my car, but I did charge this at home and I have to say that I was quite surprised to see how fast it charges from 0 to 100 in under two hours, and this is not a joke.

I have never expected that I mean I've read the online that he can charge that fast, but I never ever imagined that that would be true so about an hour and 45 minutes to fully charge this from 0 to 100, which is insanely insanely fast, alright.

So now that you've seen how this looks and you have a better understanding of how it works.


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