SECRET Modern Bunker Loaded Up With Supplies For Doomsday – “30 Day Bunker Challenge”

Survival Shelter

How would you like to spend 30 days underground in an ATLAS Shelter with your family to win a years worth of survivals food and supplies?Watch this video for more details. To order your Survival Food visit: Atlas Survival Shelters7407 Telegraph Road,Montebello, CA 90640# (323) 727-7084 Website – Ron HubbardPresident/CEO & FounderEmail – … Read more

The #1 Way To Revive Old or Dead Batteries!

Battery Recondition

Most people spend $15,000+ on batteries over their lifetime and this number continues to grow each day because people are using more and more batteries.

Batteries continue to get more expensive. But this great course will help to reduce the huge cost allowing people to revive and reuse old (reconditioned) batteries!

7 Ways to protect yourself from Covid-19

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Covid-19 When the coronavirus (COVID-19) was declared a global pandemic, people all over the world were at a loss. After all, the disease is new and there is currently no cure. But preppers know that staying calm is the first thing you need to do in the face of … Read more

Why Every American Needs To Become A Prepper


Why Every American Needs to Become a Prepper It has been on my heart to write this article for a few days, but I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to write.  2020 has already been one of the worst years in modern U.S. history, and it looks like the next six months are going … Read more

9 Things to Buy Every Time You Go to the Store

9 Things to Buy Every Time You Go to the Store   Lots of folks have mentioned that their grocery stores never fully restocked after the rush on food and supplies back at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. And with the current news stories about spiking COVID numbers, it may not be long until … Read more