Basic Hacks

Basic tactical hacks
Power saver

Are You Paying Too Much For Power?

Nearly everyone is paying too much for electricity. Take advantage of this great invention and save yourself a ton of money in energy costs.

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Raging Dissident

Jeremy McKenzie – The Raging Dissident Updated for 2022

UPDATE: This man appears to have gone off the rails and overboard. He recently made remarks about the wife of the “soon to be Prime Minister of Canada” (Pierre Poileivre) which I’m sure the RCMP will be dealing with. At the very least, they will use sections of the Criminal Code of Canada that deal with “Inciting” to arrest and put this man away.

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Tactical Hacks

Tactical Hacks – New Directions Updated for 2022

If you surfed into the site from an old link, or bookmark, you may have noticed the article you seek is no longer here. Over time, things change and products move on, retire, or become outdated.

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