Updated: October 1, 2022

In this world we are constantly acting out expressions of our beliefs. 

This isn’t always easy to spot, in fact majority of the time it is very hard to figure out. However, many people who study psychology do this thing where they asses the persons behaviour and then ask them what their belief systems must be for them to behave like that. 

The problem with belief systems today is the fact that we do not know how to establish one. 

What bounds you? What makes you look around and see everything you have ever wanted and go up to go and get it? What makes you look toward the sky and see nothing but stars and how everything just seeming to make sense? 

Is it your spiritual morality? Your general morality? Your purpose? 

What is it? 

This is one of the questions you need to ask yourself before you go and get ready to start your new life. What if your belief system? 

Where do you come from? Where will you go after you die? Do you think you know how you’re supposed to live? What happens when our belief systems are faulty and flaky? 

I think we can take a look at a few people who behave in certain ways because of their belief systems. 

This is Meralin: 

Meralin is 22, she has finally just moved out of her parents’ house, she has been saving for a while to be able to move into the apartment of her dreams, it’s just outside of Arizona and it’s beautiful. She works from home so she can work and travel at the same time. Meralin is a wonderful woman, she does everything that a good person would, and she beats herself up when she does not perform up to standard.

Meralin’s belief system comes from her parents who made her a people pleaser. Meralin has the belief system that people will not like her nor want to be around her if she was selfish and did not do exactly as she is told. Her parents drilled into her head the idea that she was strictly meant to serve the world, it is why she owns rescue animals, it is why she loves children and why the job she has is all about giving back to the community. 

Now, many of you can probably see where the issue is. Some of you might beg to differ and say that there is no issue. Meralin is a young, agreeable, beautiful and kind woman. She will make a great wife and mother because she has been fit for the custom made motherly role. The caretaker and sacrifice maker. 

She has no sense of making her own choices and being whoever she wants to be. Meralin’s belief system is rooted deeply within her. Are you ready for me to tell you the issue here? Meralin has low self-esteem because all her confidence is now based upon the approval of others. Meralin cries herself to sleep some nights because her husband has an affair with the mistress down the street because he recognizes her self-disapproval so he is disapproving of himself. 

Meralin has no strong sense of who she is or what she wants because all of her life has been devoted to making everyone around her so very happy. 

Where would she even get a chance to make herself happy? 

Now let’s meet Jack. 

Jack is an egotistical heart throb of East High, he loves football because he knows that it will anger his father who loves science. His father has drilled him to be a math geek, whereas Jack’s greatest strength lies in physical training. 

Jack’s father does not help by refraining to compliment or ever praise Jack’s football ability. Instead, this enables Jack to hate math and science even more, not wanting to have any relation to his father. Jack also seeks affirmation and comfort in girls at his school. 

What can we assume that Jack’s belief system is here? 

Jack believes that he can’t be good enough, even if he tried to do math and science, he knows that his marks would be aggressively either below average or bad. So therefore, Jack believes that if he doesn’t actually try at the classes, the grades are not a reflection of him, they are just a reflection of his lack of effort. Making Jack feel that if he tried he could do better. 

Jack wants to please his father without actually pleasing anyone but himself.

The girls are for his ego, the grades are softening his ego, and the football strokes his ego. All he is doing in any of these instances is protecting his precious ego! 

Let me tell you a bit about Jack’s future, he is going to get a football scholarship, he will play very well, perhaps even make in the big leagues, but he will fail and break a bone, he will get injured because he is reckless and has no sense of stability in himself, because all of his endeavors, his entire purpose is to feed his ego. He will then end up finally either divorced or newly married, if he was married before she will leave him after she decides that he really is nothing without his title, if he is not married, he will soon because he will now need something new to save his ego from utter starvation and humiliation. 

There are so many ways that we can see people’s belief systems effect their daily lives in almost every way imaginable, all we have to do is learn to love ourselves and adjust our belief systems. 

Whenever see fear, we can substitute it with love. We can substitute it with a part of ourselves that isn’t afraid. That is really are there is, in the most honest sense of this world. 

There is only fear and love. 

There is fear, which pulls us back and doesn’t allow us to go on with the natural flow of life, then there is love, which expresses it all.