Mason Storm

Janet Ossebard

The End of The World As We Know It – Janet Ossebard

Janet Ossebard has done thousands of hours of research over the past decade. This video is part of her effort to explain the “End of the World As We Know It.” It is not all bad news however! Watch as Janet outlines just how this is playing out.

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the Plan

The Comeback is Bigger Than The Setback!

Some of you who are awake will have seen some of this before. But for the new folks out there, this is a good hour long overview of how we got into the mess, and how we are taking back control. It is the end of days now for the Deep State. We are awake. We are talking. And YOU are on the run! Govern yourselves accordingly.

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Dr. Hodkinson Explores Why Toronto Doctors Are Dying

Why Are Canadian Doctors Dying in Unprecedented Numbers? Dr Roger Hodkinson I believe only knows about 6 to 8 deaths in this interview. Now 15 deaths have been confirmed. Other reports indicate that the numbers are being suppressed and that between 20 and 40 doctors are being reported dead! This is a crisis that the establishment cannot hide. The body count has always been the reason they will fail.

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Arnica Pain Relief

The Best Natural Alternative to Ibuprofen

With the public’s growing awareness of the deadly side effects associated with the regular use of man-made, toxic painkillers like ibuprofen, the need for natural, evidence-based alternatives has never been greater.

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