Axel Crankshaft

End of the NWO

The End of the New World Order!

Sergeant Robert Leroy Horton (US ARMY CIVIL AFFAIRS & PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS COMMAND) Trains US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS – explains how Russell Jay Gould & David Winn Miller saved our Republic in 1999.

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Climate Change

Climate Change – Give your Head a Shake!

Every day progressives bombard us with their lies and sillyness about climate change. Originally it was Global warming, but the court system in the UK tossed Al Gore out beccause his plan was a lie. But progressives NEED you to be in fear of something. Anything! Your fear gives them power. Today, however, people have woken up. Thanks to their over the top hoax with the man-made virus and ensuing plandemic, they overplayed their hand.

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Trudeau Government In Collaps

Trudeau Government Imploding Under The Weight of It’s Lies

Trudeau Government Imploding This story is so sad, but so necessary to hear. The Trudeau govenment is imploding under the weight of its own lies! It will not last through this crisis. People are NOT going to accept his crminal behaviour. Stew Peters really covers it well here. Check out “Uninformed Consent” for the Full […]

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WHO Terrorist Pushes MonkeyPox Vaccines!

Everyone should understand just who the World Health Organization head really is. Just do a quick internet search and you’ll discover that not so long ago he was running around with an AK-47 enforcing terrorist activities for some fringe radical political ideology group in Africa. Is this a man you want to bet your life […]

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