About Tactical Hacks

Tactical Hacks

Over the past couple of years, Tactical Hacks was geared toward prepper concepts, including hacks, and tips for Off-Grid survival.  As well we focussed upon the hobby outdoors person. 

However, given the massive attack upon western civilaztion by agents for the World Economic Forum over the past two years,  its now clear that the real battle is on the homefront.

To that end, we will focus upon energy, health, surival,  the supply chain, and governance!  

We are living in an era where just a few companies own, control, and run everything. While we quietly enjoyed our lives over the past few decades, Globalists were busy planning to take control.  

This blog exists because the mainstream media, along with Big Tech, are in bed with Globalists to convert the planet to communism.  

This blog won’t depend upon Google’s good graces.  We won’t be dissuaded by radical left-wing lunatics. We won’t be bullied to suppress our opinions.  We will quietly carry on doing our unstoppable best to ensure globalism fails, and those who pushed it go to jail.

Because of the nature of the extremist left, this site won’t leave the comments open.  We already know that you support the material just by being here.  We are not going to give a platform for leftist wing-nuts to send in their bots to try to overwhelm the site.  We know this drives them even MORE nuts!