Meet “BioClandestine” – Our MAGA Oracle

If we don’t win here, the future will be shaped by biological attacks, ethnic biological cleansing, and the implementation of an  irreversible Orwellian medical police state. We are already more than halfway there. 

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Candice Bergen

Canada’s Flirtation with Guaranteed Basic Tyranny

There was some good news on the platform today. Canada’s fliration with guaranteed basic tyranny has been tossed out.

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the matrix

How To Replace A Despotic Leader

Is That Air You Are Beathing? It’s almost impossible to know where to start! How did we arrive at this mess?  No one seems to know for sure.  But what we do know is that the subversive activities of globalists accelerated the process starting about two years ago.  Key radicals in the movement include:  George […]

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